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    This Week in CSS—December 16, 2013

    Here are some nice links that we've gathered for you this week (thanks to @Pullo and @Paul O'B for their suggestions):


    • Before you get too excited about the CSS Level 4 "parent selector" (or the "subject indicator" as it's actually called), there are actually two Selectors 4 profiles, known as "fast" and "complete". Those listed in the complete profile can only be used in JavaScript. Lea Verou points out (in her The Web Ahead interview, Episode 58—about 32 minutes in) that browser makers are not keen to implement the parent selector (for performance reasons) and it has thus been relegated to the "complete" profile ... meaning that it will never be usable except with JS.
    • Via @Norman Paschke: did you know that calc() and pointer-events are now supported by all major browsers?

    Articles & Videos



    A bit of cheek

    And once again, some lighthearted tips for the week, courtesy of @H9RBSjs ...

    Hey, someone should build a tool to test responsive design breakpoints. Because resizing the browser window is just too much work.

    <BODY><CENTER><TABLE><TR><TD><IMG SRC=spacer.gif></TD></TR><TR><TD ID="footer">© 1999</TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER></BODY>


    Take a look at any or all of the links above and tell us what you think! And feel free to PM me if you have an great links for the next issue.

    You can also view a list of previous posts here.
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