My web pages are mainly census transcriptions and so are in tabular form.

I have two queries; one which I guess is straightforward; one not so;

OK: Q 1

When the enumerator left a line blank, then if I do that in the table, the cells contact in height and just show the borders. I know that if I put an   in one cell it looks fine, but that seems cheating. Is there a proper way to show a whole table row which is emply without doing that.

As for Q 2; I don't think this is possible.

At present page summaries contain something like this

Page 25 }

I have styled the page so that the two curly brackets line up under each other. However the original only has one bracket with the point between the two lines of text. I can't imagine how this can be achieved on a web page. Can it ?

An example of the page is here: