I've just started so am not too worried yet, but here's the problem:

Just installed (per instructions in Kevin's book) mySQL, PHP, and Sambar (no reason, just had already downloaded it, instead of Apache). I've gotten as far as running the little date file. Now, it works on my remote server, but not on the local one. So I'm thinking Sambar is not "hooked up" properly to PHP. The instructions in the book said to add some code to Apache's httpd.conf file, but said nothing about needing to do this in Sambar. I did configure two lines of text in php.ini per instructions from Sambar but have done nothing else to customize it.

Whatever the test file was supposed to do:

<? phpinfo(); ?>

it did not (that one I did NOT upload to server).

Can anyone help me out here? I would very much appreciate it!