I am starting a rewrite of a ASP-Classic application into Java.

First off I cannot believe what I am seeing... 1 page with two massive SQL statements... as in 89 lines long! Including 17 sub-selects!

Bad enough, but aside from not being able to follow 17 sub-selects, I find this at the end of the last sub-select:

service.s = status.ssn(+)  AND
service.s = lwop.ssn(+)  AND
service.s = election_trans.ssn(+);

This may be old style SQL, or maybe due to the classic ASP, I don't know, but I cannot find out what the (+) at the end does. No one in the office seems to know either. So anyone have an idea?

(Due to security issues I cannot paste all the code.)

Thanks in advance.