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Building a 2D Browser Game with PhysicsJS

WebGL With Three.js: Models and Animation


jQuery ReStable - collapses tables into lists when screen width becomes too narrow

Building a quiz manager for jQuery Mobile

lazy.js - for deferred execution

TinyCore - A tiny JavaScript modular architecture library


25 days of AngularJS to easily learn more about AngularJS

Details on how to create a JavaScript templating engine in just 20 lines

How small can you go?

A Spreadsheet in 295 bytes of JavaScript

Javascript text editor right in your browser in one line of code - save it as a bookmarklet

Coding A program visualization tool for introductory programming education

Eliminating code smell with Grunt

Happy Birthday!
Happy 18th Birthday JavaScript! A look at an unlikely past and bright future.

So, what you think about these recent happenings in JavaScript?
Do you have ideas for creating your own game, are some of these libraries going to help you out, and can you learn more coding techniques?

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