I asked a question about a specific problem regarding the alias.conf file in this thread. Now I'd like to ask a more general question.

Imagine a dynamic (database-driven) webpage at MySite/World/index.php that displays URLs like MySite/World/Mexico and MySite/World/Russia. Suppose I want to move this project to a new section, website or subweb, like this...

world.mysite.com/Mexico, world.mysite.com/Russia

Rather than simply delete the old pages, I'd like to forward visitors to my new site. In the past, I used a meta tag that automatically forwards visitors to a specified URL. I can use PHP to automate the process.

I just wondered if alias.conf can be used for the same purpose. If so, which method would be better? If aliasing is the way to go, can someone show me how to forward a series of pages using the example above?