I've a couple of questions from right at the start of the book.

When I go to the node.js prompt and enter

> sudo npm install -g express@2.5.8

I just get three dots in reply:

nothing further happens, if I do Ctrl-C I get the ">" prompt again.

I tried entering

> npm install -g express@2.5.8

and got the message

"npm should be run outside of the node repl, in your normal shell"

so I go to the node.js command prompt and this time if I enter

> sudo npm install -g express@2.5.8

it says

"sudo is not recognised as an internal or external command"

however if I just run

> npm install -g express@2.5.8

It looks like it worked fine.

I'm a bit concerned I haven't got something set correctly for this line not to work as it says in the book?

It says to modify package.json "for this project" - what project? For my install I have a file

C:\Program Files (x86)\nodejs\node_modules\npm\package.json

If I edit this won't it be some sort of global setting, not "for this project"?

How do I make the change for this project only?