Hello everyone!

First, i want to apologise for my english, its not my native language so bear with me guys.

I have a dilemma and a turning point in my (coding) life. I am considering, if i should take the time and learn cms or build my own to jumpstart future projects.

A bit about me:
Im no ordinary developer. I dont make websites for clients and nobody besides me will ever, at least when im still around, need to manage it. I make them for myself and for the visitors, of course. I love creating websites and coding and learning about it. I am self educated man (29) who codes for hobby and until now, have done it for free for non profitable projects. My knowledge on php, mysql, html, javascript and css varies on situation because i have learned as i go when and if i needed something. Every project has taught me a lot of new. I think i have about average skills in all but javascript and im always learning and improving myself (i recently laughed at a code i wrote few years back - it was so... i dont even know what to call it). And of course, i often read articles and tutorials about coding and new possibilities.

My endgoal - my dream
I find myself needing extra money and since i am in between jobs right now and have time i thought its a good idea to start to make my dream happen. To make new and innovative websites for everyobody and make a living out of it through ad revenue. It would be my dream job!

My kind of websites
I am no writer or even decent designer. My websites will always be functional - i dont know how else to call it in english. They will not be content driven websites but mainly focusing on one or several functions for visitors or bringing people together through it. I also use a lot of free responsive website templates or buy them and then write my code around it. I have constantly 10 or so website ideas that are new and innovative in my opinion and what i have not seen done yet, so there is no shortage of ideas.

How to start
I have allready made couple of websites in my native language and they are beginning to be popular. However, they are focused on relatively minority group so i know they will never be very popular. Since i have a lot of ideas i sometimes need to make a new but small websites fast for some functions and ideas and since now, i have copy-pasted some parts of previous project code to a now one, for example, user registration, some my preferred time calculations or database queries-statistics and so on. But most of my websites have 70% of custom code, made specially for functions it needs to have. But i have never perfected that 30% of code or made it customiseable enough for other projects - i made most of it work for that website only.

CMS or my own framework
So here i am now, deciding to make my own framework or use existing cms. I admit i know very little about cms. Pro of my own framework is that i always know how everything is coded and can add additional functionality pretty fast and i dont have to learn how to make plugins for open source cms. But some of that functionality can be added just by downloading a plugin and installing...


One major point in my opinion is that since i mostly make unique websites i rarely have any plugins i can use... besides user account and profile and some date functions. Maybe the learning curve to troubleshoot and create plugins of my own is far greater than building my own framework.

any thoughts, tips and ideas
I would appreciate a lot for any tips or thoughts about cms or what i am about to do - my dream.