I've been working at a small company for the past 5 years. This company uses a software that someone created a long time ago using Microsoft access. Though it gets the job done it is extremely clunky and slow.
With that said, I've been interested in learning to code for a while but never really had a reason to learn.

Well I now have my reason.

The owner of the company said they have no intentions of upgrading software themselves but if I could build something better they would gladly use it and possibly pay me for the final product. So basically, I want to build a web application for my company. I know that it may take me years to build it but I don't care.

If anyone would like to guide me in the right direction I would be extremely thankful. This is a sales company and even though I do ok I'm usually near the bottom of the pecking order in that regard. If I could build this app I would be the office hero as the current system we have now is universally hated.

Thanks in advance!