I have come across a MySQL error or action that is bizarre to put it mildly and want
to know how can this be explained. Let me get to the heart of it quickly.

If I run this MySQL query inside MySQL server:

SELECT user_status, user_id FROM pn.users_main WHERE nick_name = 'john_doe' AND passwd = 'm周nam1111膁er##哌'

MySQL returns 1 row found

However, this same MySQL when executed via Php, that is of course command:


where of course $query_login is the mysql_query of the above MySQL command returns ZERO found!

Now, if I change the Characters in above MySQL command from German Characters of:
what are called Umlat Characters in German to regular English Characters then the command
returns 1 when executed via Php too.

How can this be?
Is this a bizarre MySQL Error or Php Error?