Hi all,
I'm wondering if someone can help me come up with a solution to a problem i'm struggling with. On a site I'm building there are tours. Each tour has a pricing structure. Some of the structures are the same (1 week - $100, 2 weeks - $200 etc) and some are completely different.

What I feel like I need is a sort of multiple input custom field set up. So there would be a header of "Pricing", and then a Key input and a Value input. So I could put in "1 week - $100, 2 weeks - $200". This would also need to dynamically increase and decrease, as some only have one price, some have 6 prices and they want 3 different currencies!!

What would be the best way to do this? I'm finding custom fields a little bit limited for this and I'm stuck for ideas of how to proceed!

Many thanks in advance