Here's another one for you. Again, I use another iteration of this in a production environment on multiple hosts and cannot tell you how much of a lifesaver this thing is if used correctly. Disclaimer: Don't go dropping it in your production environment without thorough testing. Poor design that would allow a script to continue without bad affects (though they often do) will now halt (as it should anyway).

  • Have the ability to capture all types of errors that are possible (this means reporting on undefined variables (notices) and any misc. errors)
  • Ability to add multiple handlers for multiple types of exception logging
  • Promote the fact that the default manner in which PHP handles errors and notices is horrible.

I've gone through this ordeal on another forum and it was rather ugly. If you would like to debate on whether this is "good practice", feel free to start a new thread and mention me in it, but keep this thread clean.

EDIT: Also looking for ideas for a name since PHPErrorNet is also super creative
EDIT:EDIT: Also, please star the project if you like to help promote it