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    multiple file uploads name=array[] breaks jscript!

    Ok, when uploading multiple files with php, one uses an array for the name of the file field like this:

    <input name="image[]" type="file" id="1" size="40">

    Now I have some genius jscript that checks the file types of multiple upload fields. But it requires the name of each of the fields to be unique. Since all my fields have image[] for the name - the script breaks. If I name my fields with image1, image2, image3 etc, the jscript works.

    In order to upload multiples, php requires the name of the field to be an array as above. I just need a little tweak to this jscript!

    Here is the jscript. pretty simple, except for when the field is called using it's "name" property midway down. I tried using unique id's but this didn't seem to work - of course I might have messed it up.

    <script language="JavaScript">

    // this tests that file must be of certain type
    function testForFileExtensions(myForm,extensions)
    var objReg;
    var extension;
    var strErrorMsg = "."+extensions[extensions.length-1];

    var field_Name;
    var doneMsg = false;
    var overallOK = true;
    var ok = false;
    (extensions.length>1)?strErrorMsg=" or "+strErrorMsg:strErrorMsg+=" "; //while?
    for (j=0;j<myForm.elements.length;j++) //for each file upload element
    if (myForm.elements[j].type=="file" && myForm.elements[j].value != "" ) //if the form element is type fiel and it has an image

    ok = false;
    field_Name = myForm.elements[j].name; //THIS IS THE PROBLEM IMHO !!!!!!!!
    for (i=0;i<extensions.length;i++)
    extension = extensions[i];
    // objReg = "/\."+extension+"$/i.test(myForm."+field_Name+".value)";
    objReg = "/\."+extension+"$/i.test(myForm."+field_Name+".value)";

    if ((eval(objReg))) ok = true;

    if (i<extensions.length-1 && !doneMsg) strErrorMsg = "."+extension+","+strErrorMsg; //provide information on the error
    doneMsg = true;
    if (!ok) overallOK = false;
    if (!overallOK)
    alert("Please ensure all files are of type "+strErrorMsg);
    return false;
    } return true;

    Please help me!!!!!!! How can avoid using the name property of the file upload element and still address the extension of the field?

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    In order to upload multiples, php requires the name of the field to be an array as above
    Where does it say that?

    That is why you get the $_FILES ARRAY.

    I have done multiple file uploads with different names for each field. You just have to watch the max file upload size and script timeouts.


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