I've tried twitter with each site and I always loose focus on it. It seems more cold to me than the others. Sort of one sided. Maybe that's because in never gathered any kind of real followers. But regardless the character limit turns me off. Google+ has creeped in there recently. I guess their advertising efforts (or forced usage) has done its job. Regardless inclusion into the google+ platform is good for google seo in a hundred ways. You could add a social bookmarking one to that list but I have never got into those either. But others are of course.

I think it's best to pick 3 to 5 social networks to put your efforts rather than throwing the kitchen sink at seo and spreading your limited efforts around in 20 different places. Quality over quantity in my book.

I just put some of this effort into a new site and had this on my mind and thought I'd share. Where do you guys spend your efforts on social stuff? What seems to work for you? What doesn't?

If your website is called joesbows.com then usually so are all your social networks. Usually you make a post on your site, then paste the new page into your social media outlets. By default each social outlet will populate your share for you verbatim what it says on your site. Although duplicate content like this is generally considered ok in seo circles it's still duplicate. It occurred to me this morning, that possibly a better techque would be to vary the name of each of your social circles and vary the name of each post. Things that essentially mean the same thing just worded different. I don't do this, not yet anyway, but just food for thought. It would definetly garner more search results for more queries. But it could also dilute your brand name. Just more fuel for the discussion fire.

Eric W.