Here are some nice links that we've gathered for you this week:


Which CSS colour system to use.

Another article on Responsive email templates, this one including a framework for creating emails.

If you are reluctant to check out a CSS preprocessor like Sass, perhaps this Why Use Sass intro by Dan Cederholm will inspire you. It's the first chapter of his new A Book Apart book.

If you want to brush up on the CSS box model, and how it's affected by the new box-sizing property, you might find this article on the box model useful.

There have been lots of links to responsive image articles of late, and here's another! Chris Coyier discusses Why Responsive Images Is So Hard.

Vertical Percentages in CSS

Karen McGrane reminds us that Responsive Design Won’t Fix Your Content Problem


If you are trying to get into Flexbox, you might find this Ultimate Flexbox Cheat Sheet helpful.

There are so many CSS frameworks out there, it's both hard to keep track of them all, and hard to remember what each is good for, what (if any) preprocessor it uses, etc. Here's a handy table outlining some of the most popular frameworks and their features.


Creating a cool dashed background (Note: the CSS uses the Sass syntax, so it will look strange if you're not into that. You can still view source in your browser to see the real CSS, though.)

Frosted Glass effect with CSS and SVG

Heck, why not: recreate the James Bond intro sequence in CSS! (Apparently best viewed in Chrome or Firefox.)

Just because they can, I guess ... Here's an old fashioned Mac Plus, created in CSS alone. (Article about it here.)

CSS stopwatch.

Interesting News

Here are the results of a recent Twitter poll by Lea Verou, gauging how many developers still test they layouts in IE8. The results are quite astounding.

Goof time

OK, not CSS stuff, but if you want some light entertainment, check out What Rhymes with Hug Me?, or if you need something more intellectual, check out this awesome Bohemian Gravity video explaining string theory—to some familiar chords of Queen:

Take a look at any or all of the links above and tell us what you think! And feel free to PM me if you have an great links for the next issue.

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