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    Did You Hide Behind The Sofa....

    Just over a day ago now, the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who was shown.

    • Did (or still do) hide behind the sofa each time the Daleks appeared?
    • Who has been your favourite Doctor to date (excluding Peter Capaldi) who's Doctor we've not yet seen in action?
    • What is your theory about what causes the regeneration of Matt Smith's Doctor into Peter Capaldi's Doctor?
    • What did you think of the anniversary episode?
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    1) Nah. Though my favorite "monster" was the first two appearances of the weeping angels. I like to pretend the episode with the giant weeping angel didn't happen--it was a little ridiculous.
    2) David Tennant, hands down. Though granted, I've only seen the 1996 movie and series starting in 2005. I haven't seen any of the classic episodes.
    3) No idea...there aren't enough clues to speculate on that, IMHO.
    4) It was ok. I was half expecting to see some explanation as to what the Nightmare Child,the Horde of Travesties, the Skaro Degradations and the Army of Meanwhiles and Neverweres led by the Could've Been King actually were, which seemed to be the reason why the time war was time locked. The time war didn't really seem all that epic, which was a little disappointing. It was mainly about the three doctors standing around, chatting it up, and sounding all clever and whatnot.
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    1) Doctor Who has always been scariest when the monster looks like a regular person and just acts like a monster.- for example Salamander (who was one of the worst because he not only acted like a monster, he also looked exactly like the doctor).
    2) There hasn't been anyone come remotely close to Patrick troughton yet although Jon Pertwee wasn't all that bad and of course Bill Hartnell since he started it all.
    3) I am not even going to try to guess what might cause the Doctor to regenerate into the Valeyard.
    4) The anniversary episode was the best Doctor Who episode that Steve Moffat has been involved in - if he keeps improving then he might eventually get his Dr Who up to the standard of his Sherlock episodes. IWhile the adventure did resolve a few things it also raises a number of questions (such as how the software in Matt Smith's replacement screwdriver was running the same calculation as were started in his prior screwdriver that was destroyed, also what did the three images preceding the first doctor in "Brain of Morbius" represent and why did the sisterhood need to be involved in the Doctor's eight regeneration). The adventure also confirmed that the Doctor will have only the regular 12 regenerations as otherwise any other future doctors would also have turned up.
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    Doctor... who?

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    1. Never - although in my younger days, I certainly held tightly to my teddy bear in the scarier moments. (For his comfort, not mine, you understand.)

    2. Difficult. I really liked both Peter Davison and Jon Pertwee. I missed Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy at the time they were on as I didn't have a TV, but I've since seen some stories on DVD and was surprised by how much I liked Sylvester McCoy. Colin Baker is the only Doctor I really disliked (but see below).

    3. No idea. I've never really taken to the revived version of Dr Who and I don't watch it.

    4. As above, I didn't watch it.
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