I'll go ahead and be the first to kick this sub forum off (yay!). I just published this project today. It's a reiteration of something I already have in production for high performance JSON RESTful APIs. I will be supplying some more documentation as well as more examples later tonight or tomorrow.

Project goals:
  • Avoid conventional "MVC" structure so commonly used in PHP (I mimicked what it would be like to create a project in Golang less the http package)
  • Be high performing (higher than most frameworks)
  • Allow for code to be separate from the framework so that updates to the package can easily be done (most frameworks has you place your source code inside of a predefined folder, making a git pull near impossible without replacing your code)
  • Less is more. Simple code is a must


Except for comments such as "I think you should implement MVC", what do you think of the structure?