Well I am using Netbeans 7.4, its hints system seems to have drastically improved since version 7.3. You can even specify options for good programming practices(like number of lines for class, method, and not to access superglobals diectly) yourself. I definitely like this, but there are still a few things I dont particularly like.

1. The calculation of number of lines for class does not subtract lines used for PHPDoc comments, and thus if you write too many PHPDoc comments you get a warning for exceeding the maximum allowed/desired number of lines in a class file. This is quite annoying, I must say.
2. The hints for unused variables do not take account of the fact that a try...catch block may not use the exception variable appearing in the catch block.I get many warnings like this when the method catches an exception but does not play with the exception object.
3. The hints for GIT commit seem to be somewhat messed up, as I end up with certain folders that are not being changed but Netbeans keep suggesting that it needs to commit to update the the latest version of the folders/files. No idea why it happens.

What do you think? Any ideas on how Netbeans Hints system can be further improved?