Im new to views, bought a theme from Template Monster and I have 4 problems i'm needing some help with. I've contacted them for support but that was 3 days ago and haven't heard back yet.

1. I am using the portfolio-3-cols view as 'The Tav' main menu link. I want the url to be '' but when i edit the view and edit the path under the pagination settings, the images suddenly go full width of the div rather than in a 3 x grid. How can i make the url what i want but keep the grid layout?
2. On the blog view on the home page, it was showing the body text twice, one in brown and one in light grey. So i deleted that field in the view and now it is coming up with a [body] in grey (on the home page view). How can i remove this?
3. On the blog page it is showing the comments 0. How can i remove this? I edited the content type to have comments closed and every blog entry has comments closed. Also is there a way to remove the title 'Blog' and have the url '' ?
4. How can I alter the /blog page to show more than two entries per page?

Sorry if this is all really vague!