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    The SitePoint forums are a great place to get help with coding issues. Sometimes, though, what you really want is a review of your work, rather than troubleshooting. We already have Website Review and Content Review forums. Now we are pleased to introduce this new Code Review forum.
    *Please note that this forum is not for bug fixes or requests for code. Such threads should be posted in their respective forum.

    Like other Review Requests:
    To ensure they meet the Guidelines before becoming visible, all Code Review Requests require Moderator approval.
    Reviewing a minimum number of other Code Review Requests is not a requirement at this time. However, there is a requirement that a member has made a minimun of 10 good posts* in other SitePoint forums for each Code Review Request, "good" meaning not fluff "Fluff" posting - what is it and how do we deal with it?
    Code containing viruses or the like will not be approved and may result in an Infraction.

    • Thread titles must include the code language(s)
      - eg. [PHP] something descriptive, [Javascript, Ruby] something descriptive
    • Code Review Requests must clearly state both the focus and goal of the request.
      - eg. Can my nested if loops be improved? I would like to make the code easier to maintain.
    • Code must be human readable, not minified or obfuscated.
    • The member must have the legal right to post the code. i.e. written by the member.
    • Code must be free in both use and cost. The code must either contain the applicable GPL-Compatible Free Software License else the post must include the GPL-Compatible Free Software License as an attachment.
    • No links to external sites. With the exception being a link to the current version of code in a public repository, code must be an attachment or posted inside of the best possible bbcode tag How to add code tags.
    • Posted code should be kept to the minimum amount needed, while still being enough, for the review. The more code there is for others to look at, the less likely others will want to look at it all.
      - If you have a lot of code, please do the best you can at breaking it up into separate Code Review Requests.

    As examples of what a Code Review Request should be like, please see:
    [Javascript] Check Javascript coding practice and overall performance
    [Javascript] generating a username from user input
    [Javascript] form validation

    It should be kept in mind that once posted, all content should be thought of as being available "forever". Do not post anything you want others to not be able to ever see.
    - Please ensure your code does not include anything sensitive eg. passwords, email addresses

    Please send a PM to a Programming Team Staff member.
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