Greetings ... I am developing a site that uses a wordpress theme ... the customer wants it customized to include two login panels for Attorneys and Reporters at the very top of the screen. I've altered the index file to include the correct markup, but for some reason, the form inputs won't allow cursor input when viewed in Firefox. Safari, Chrome and IE seem better ... you can at least enter text, but there is still something strange going on when you do ... Could this be due to "ham-fisted" markup? I used a couple of <ul> tags inside the <form> tags. Also, you don't get the hand cursor when you roll over the "Log In" buttons, which would be nice. Again, this makes me think I coded it wrong, but wouldn't know what to do otherwise. It's like there are other elements higher in the z-index than the inputs, but in Firebug I don't see anything.

The text in the log in buttons is off in Firefox, but it all seems to look pretty good in IE for some reason. So, what I would like is for that whole row of inputs to align in a vertically centered way. so it looks like in IE, but cross-browser. And, obviously, I'd like to be able to actually enter text into the inputs.

Any direction or guidance is appreciated.

| sc