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Thread: NN4 problem

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    NN4 problem

    I'm developing a new site with a bit of JavaScript in it, mostly used to detect Flash, show an appropriate navigation bar, and run DHTML dropdown menus.

    Apparently out of no where, NN4 has started having problems with it. Now, NN4 just sits there acting like it is loading something, and never shows the page. It seems like I've had this problem in the past, and it was something simple, like a forgotten apostrophe, but I can't find it for the life of me! If anyone can help me find my problem, I'd greatly appreciate it!

    I've compressed a chopped-down version of the site, so that anyone willing to help can look through my .js includes.

    Here is the .sit compressed file

    There are two "index" files. The first has all of the JS references in it, the second has only one left.

    The kicker is that on the second one, if you remove the only JS left, it works. However, if you take that same snippet out of the first one (leaving all other JS), it doesn't work! **ugh*

    Thanks a million,


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    What about later versions of Netscape or Mozilla? Do they have the same problem?

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