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    Question CSS hover/ image map????

    Don't laugh, I'm running a temperature, but I've promised to work on a project and ran into the following issue.

    Oh... Apparently, I've stumped myself and another designer. SO, I've got an image 850x450 that may need to be image mapped or some type of javascript target to change the middle image on the hover.... so there are 6 images of the lady in the middle that go with each of the words/ links.

    I'm either thinking image map... or css

    CSS, I've split the area into 3 division layers. Links in left and right, and then in the middle.

    I'm kind of stumped on the css to make the magic happen for the image in the middle to change as I hover from one link to the next. I must be thinking too much into this.

    If you look at the image attached to this, you will see that there are 6 words, which are links. Now, the middle image is just one of 6, where each word when hovered over needs to change the middle picture.

    However, I have't done anything like this in years and I don't dabble in flash.

    Anyone have any suggestions. I brought this to my FB timeline last nite and ended up stumping one person.
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