Triggered by Pullo's Plain Random: "chucknorris" question ("HTML thinks that 'chucknorris' is a colour!") in the javascript forum, I made a test demo about the phenomenon that the use of <body bgcolor=".."> can get an arbitrary value. Every word (or set of keystrokes) is converted by the browsers to a certain color.

Not only the body can get a background in this way: also some other elements, and the text color somewhere can get a color by a random word too. So there is more!
And a series of browser differences, of course.

  • You can test it and read the story over here: The color of your name.
    Explication of the magic is added,
    as well as some further test pages.

So if you wonder what is your personal color *), have a look! - But be careful: you can have a flashy color!

*) Sensei #PAULOB must have a black belt, I see.