We're looking at increasing our business and we currently use EternalMart Mailing List Manager v1.32

We use this to hold our numerous email distribution lists and publish the eNewsletters offline (usually sending them as HTML).

Unfortuently EMML is very restrictive and proving problematic - namely it doesn't handle / process / record / track bounce backed emails, it has no stats on open rates, click throughs.

Basically we're looking for an eNewsletter management solution that integrates the mailing list management with the publishing, archiving and sending of eNewsletters with tons of stats to behold.

It must deal, handle and process the bounce backed emails, giving me the option to print them out or do something else with them (ie: delete them).

We've looked at:
1) MailWorksPro - doesn't handle bounced back emails.
2) 1-2-All Broadcast Email Software (http://www.activecampaign.com/12all/index.php?p=) I'd like to hear testimonals about this
3) GLock EasyMail - not sure about this (http://www.glocksoft.com/em/)
4) SonicMailerPro - Not sure if it handles bounce backs (http://www.sensationdesigns.com/prod...mpro/index.php)

We're currently serving 5k-10k worth of subscribers and are looking to increase that 2 or 4 fold.