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Thread: Visual Interdev

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    Any thoughts on Visual Interdev?

    I started my 'Web learning experiance', for lack of a better term, with FrontPage. Although, I don't have any problems with FP, per se, I find myself using it less and less as I get more and more into coding, ASP, and starting to learn database development.

    I have looked into it a little through MSDN and understand it's like FP on steriods. It designed more for the high-end, development and specifically with databases.

    Is any using it or had experiance with it?

    Is it strictly for a MS environment or does it support scripting and other functions to work with Netscape and the Web in general?

    P.S. Please be objective. I am not trying to start a debate on MS verses the world, although, I do welcome objective opinions on comparible, alternative programs.
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    Visual Interdev is a great solution if you want to develop Database driven sites using ASP.

    It supports direct connects to databases through DSN and DSN-Less connections so you don't have to worry about the code.

    The coding environment is similar to Visual C++ and Visual Basic's and enables Rapid Application Architecture.

    You can build cross browser code with it, if you so desire though it uses Internet Explorer for testing.
    Wayne Luke


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