On my website, hollyamber.com, I have a JQuery image slideshow used to display work samples in my graphic design portfolio. I have one flash animation I would like to display. I know flash is being replaced by css3 animations, but I still want to display it in my portfolio to demonstrate my animation skills. The other work samples in my portfolio can easily be shown as jpegs because they are still. Is there a way to include a flash .swf file in a jQuery slideshow? If not, is there a way I can include an animated video or something in the JQuery slideshow so viewers can see the animated flash ad in another format?

It might be better to show the flash animation as a .mov or some other video format instead of .swf anyways because of support/compatibility issues with flash on mobile devices. If I include it in a video format, though, it should be widely compatible with both mac and pcs and easy for any random inexperienced person to view without added plugins or software. What video file format would you recommend?