I've been designing websites for years, but I spend 95% of my time on research and writing, with little time to really keep up with the latest web design trends. I recently stopped to come up for a breath of air and check out the latest trends, and I'm WAY behind. I need to convert all my PHP database queries to PDO, then convert all my web pages to HTML5. Then I need to begin modifying them to work with mobile devices, and the research I've done so far blows me away. This might be more than I can handle.

With that in mind, I was thinking of sticking to conventional web pages (though I might still convert them to HTML5), and make a parallel website(s) featuring the same content designed for mobile devices. I could use some kind of device detection script to advise mobile device users that they can read the same article on a better (mobile) platform by clicking a link. That way I can learn how to develop for mobile sites without messing up my existing pages.

Though it's probably considered amateurish, it seems like a workable scheme. Does anyone have any comments regarding the pros and cons? Also, can you refer me to some good examples of sites that use such a scheme?

I would really like to hire a web designer to convert my sites to mobile, but I can't afford it right now.