I have had my ecommerce site for about three months now and nothing I have a nice looking website very easy to access search engines I am using wordpress with seo by yoast and woocommerce with a wootheme and have added social networks added my site to every site I can got in touch with forums I don't know what to do I just need more traffick to my site I really want to post a link so someone can check it out and help me with these problems im having I use google analytics I have google + pinterest facebook twitter and literally researched and researched and I can not get traffic to my site for the life of me.What should I do!? it is an ecommerce site for e cigarettes I just want to get a buy my payment gateway is paypal which is not smart do to high risk tobacco pertaining products but I feel there is no point if I have no buyers to get a merchant account that accepts credit cards.Help me optimize my site Ill take any suggestions I just know that it has the potential I am just not doing something right.