I'm trying to loop through a queryset to built a dictionary, then loop through that dictionary in my template to create a grid. It works, BUT, the fields are in the wrong order. Instead of getting them in the order of Field1 Field2 Field3, I get Field2, Field1, Field3. This is just an example of whats happening. In actuality I have 10 fields, but they're not rendered in the same order I defined the model with. Can anyone help explain why and what I can do to fix so that the order stays consistent?

Code Python:
class MyModel(models.Model)
    Field1 = models.CharField(max_length=30)
    Field2 = models.DateTimeField()
    Field3 = models.CharField(max_length=30)

Code Python:
def MyView(request):
    MyQuerySet = MyModel.objects.all()[:10]
    MyDictionary = {}
    RowNumber = 0
    for row in MyQuerySet:
        NestedDictionary = {}    
        ColumnNumber = 0    
        for column in row._meta.fields:
            if  column.verbose_name != "ID":
                fieldtype = str(type(column)).replace("'>", "").replace("<class 'django.db.models.fields.", "")
                            {'name': column.verbose_name,
                            'value': getattr(row, column.verbose_name),
                            'type': fieldtype}
                ColumnNumber = ColumnNumber + 1
        MyDictionary.update({str(RowNumber): NestedDictionary})
        RowNumber = RowNumber + 1
    ctx = {}
    return render_to_response('MyTemplate.html', ctx, context_instance=RequestContext(request))

Code Python:
<table cellpadding="1px" cellspacing="1px" border="1px">
{% for key, row in MyDictionary.items %}
        {% for key2, field in row.items %}
                {{ field.value }}
        {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}