I am trying to structure a part of this Sharepoint 2007 site to look something like this:

Acronym/Term Description Explanation |> (the explanation would ideally have the arrow - yes that is my arrow - that allows you to click to expand or hide the text)

Acronym/Term2 Description2 Explanation2 |>

Acronym/Term3 Description3 Explanation3 |>

I got a good start with the columns portion (I think), but now I have no clue how to get the expand/collapse function into this:

<SPAN class=heading>HEADING</SPAN>
<HR style="WIDTH: 100%; HEIGHT: 1px; COLOR: black">
<td><SPAN CLASS=BODY><FONT size=2>Acronym/Term</SPAN></td>
<td><SPAN CLASS=BODY><FONT size=2>Description</SPAN></td>
<td><SPAN CLASS=BODY><FONT size=2>collapsed/expanded text</SPAN></td>

All I have to work with is a content editor web part that designates a place where I can enter in HTML into the content editor.

Please help!!