Hi hope somebody can help me. I had created a database for hotel bookings and was working fine. As I am still learning I decided that I needed to change something in a table called rooms.I don't know what I did except that I deleted the table because I wanted to recreate it differently. I got a message saying that the table rooms already exists.I thought allright I know what to do.I went in the data folder, found my db and sure enough there was the table ibd file.I tried to delete it and got a message that I could not delete it because that file is already open in MySQL 56? I checked everything and nothing was open elsewhere.After a couple of attempts I decided to get rid of the whole thing and start with a new db.Cannot delete it for the same reason.What should I do? Uninstall MySQL?Will that solve the problem? Is there a simple way to recreate that table without involving Bill Gates or one of those guys? I am a humble apprentice and this is rocket science.Thanks for your help.