My website's theme is Ajax and Jquery powered so basically, every single link is kinda cached and hence not reloaded from the server. I've got a post with a few pictures in form of a gallery/album, every time I access that particular post from the website's homepage, the photos don't popup as a fancybox, instead they are opened as a wordpress image in my browser. But the Fancybox slider/viewer works fine when I open that post's links separately by either typing in its url or refreshing the post in my browser.

I know its the ajax/jquery features in my theme that's messing things up right now so I'll like to disable ajax for just that post/link and not the entire website, so when clicked its directly loaded from the server and not from the browser's cache.

My theme has a custom field for jquery and javascript codes that have to begin with <script> .

Please Help Me! Thanks.