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    Cannot connect php script to xampp database...please help asap..thanks

    First forgive me if the code is not in an organized manner, I have tried to insert code in a neat manner but by the time I fix it, the system times out, so I cant post and have to do it all over this time I am not going to adjust the code.. just copy past it into forum

    I created a from called product_insert.html.. and a php script called product_insert.php. They are both located in a sub folder called Final exam, in the htdoc folder of xampp.

    After entering data into form, the next screen basically shows me the script of the product_insert.php. I cannot figure out why it does not make the connection. Also the database is called final_exam.


    Code HTML4Strict:
     <form action="Product_insert.php" method="get">
     Description: <input name="Description"/>
     Quantity: <input name="Quantity"/>
     Price: <input name="Price"/>
     <input type="submit" value="Create Product"/>


    Code PHP:
     mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "Final exam") 
     or die(mysql_error());
     //echo "We have successfully connect to our DB.<br/>";
     mysql_select_db( "final_exam")
     or die(mysql_error());
     //echo "Successfully opened DB.<br/>";
     //pull values from the URL and put them each in a variable
     $Description = addslashes($_GET["Description"]);
     $Quantity = addslashes($_GET["Quantity"]);
     $Price = addslashes($_GET["Price"]);
     $Vend_id = addslashes($_GET["Vend_id"]);
     if($Description && $Quantity && $Price && $Vend_id)
     echo "test1";
     echo "test2";
     if(isset($Description) && !empty($Description) 
     && isset($Quantity) && !empty($Quantity)
     && isset($Price) && !empty($Price)
     && isset($Vend_id) && !empty($Vend_id))
     $SQLstring = "INSERT INTO product (Description, Quantity, Price, Vend_id)
     VALUES (NULL, '$Description', '$Quantity', '$Price', '$Vend_id')";
     $QueryResult = @mysqli_query($DBConnect, $SQLstring)
     Or die("Insert Broke!!!");
     echo "insert complete";
     echo "You are missing some values...Please press the back button and retry!";
     //redirect back to our list page since the insert worked
     header("location: db_connect.php"); 
     <!--Insert Complete: click <a href="product_list.html">here</a> to go back to the list!-->
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