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    Wrong Redirect to Homepage on Mobile Device Google SERP's

    Hi All,

    We now have a mobile optimized site.

    Earlier Implementation: Have the site automatically redirected to when a user visits any landing page SERP's from mobile device such as a Phone / Tablet.

    We have now made the site mobile friendly using responsive design serving the same url to both desktops and mobile devices.

    But we are noticing a strange behaviour.


    When a user visits a landing inner page from the Google search engine results ( ) it goes to that exact page on the Apple iPad. This is the desired behaviour.

    But on a Mobile device (tried both on Samsung Galaxy S3 / Apple iPhone), when the same user visits the landing page via his mobile from Google search engine results ( ), it redirects them to the Homepage of the Site.

    Please click the first search engine result for both the tests which is the wrappz inner page.

    This redirection to Homepage for every deep link url is bad for SEO and hence we have removed all the redirects. We are still seeing this.

    What could be going wrong here?

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