Posted this in another forum, but no helpful replies so far, so I thought I'd toss it out here, as well.

In all other browsers, including IE10, this CSS removes the outline when clicking on a mapped area on an image anchor:

area {
     outline: none;
But lo and behold, not in IE11, at least not the latest version I can get for Win7. A quick demo page: Click on a thumbnail - on the full-sized images, the right 60% is a link to the next image, the left 40% to the previous image.

I've tried all manner of CSS variations, including:

outline: none !important;
Applying it to every CSS class and ID I can think of seems to make no difference, including *, img, map, area, .gr-slideimage, #gr-thisMap, and so on. In fact, IE11 seems to ignore all styling of the area, including things like:

outline: 5px solid red;
The only thing I've found so far that works is the old:

on the img tag itself, but that doesn't validate, of course.

Can anyone crack this with CSS?