Hey all! Happy Halloween!

First, let me address what you may have been waiting over 10 years for: I'm not dead, yo! (Misinformation and hyperbole there. ) Not sure if I had seen that when I was last posting (later in '03), but it made me laugh when I found that awhile ago!

So anyway, I'm back to ask: Does anyone else still using XP want to run PHP 5.5? I know I was pretty surprised and disappointed when I heard that XP support would be dropped. I hadn't been using PHP much for a while (long before 5.5's official release in June), but had been doing some PHP internals development a few years ago. So I wondered if it would be able to be made to work on XP easily enough. I just came back to modifying and compiling PHP to fix a Windows microtime() precision "bug" introduced earlier this year, and decided to experiment with 5.5. YES, it was trivial to at least get the PHP 5.5 core (didn't try extensions yet; should be OK) running on XP! Running fine as far as I could tell in my limited testing.

I'll try to make builds available fairly soon regardless, and keep them going (automated...), but just thought I'd see what the interest/feedback was like around here first. I'm kinda surprised nobody else has created XP builds online! Are developers really no longer using XP for dev testing?! I mean XP is still a big chunk of Windows usage in general, so I thought there'd be a similar amount of PHP'ers that also want to use the latest version!