A friend of mine. Yes it really is a friend. He has a single domain in the mortgage loan biz. His domain name is some random name - not a exact name search. Thus biz is hard to get on page one. Much like web design. He was interested in being number one for a particular search amoung others. He could do a doorway site and link back to his original to pick up biz. Aside from changing his original domain (which I don't think he wants to do - to attached to it) I'm thinking his best bet would be to simply create multiple separate sites all with the same contact info. DIFFERENT CONTENT HOWEVER. I would do it via a form so by some small chance google doesn't see the same info. He is currently like on page ten so he has nothing to loose in my book. If he was already on page one then I wouldn't change much. Actually I would have different emails for each so I new which doorway was entered. He could sit tight and do nothing and only get all biz from referrals. Or he could do something along this lines and triple his biz from exact name searches. Anyway... What do you think? If his goal was to be number one on page one and he refused to give up his original name my idea would he best huh? Ideas? Discussions? It's a very common concern so I thought I get some talk gong on it. I would like to do the same for one of my sites. I have some exact name search domains that I could do it with. But I already have too much to loose to its not a safe bet. For for him... Maybe... If he were to do it I would have each on its own hosting account so dif IPs. Thoughts? Everyone wants this. Agree or not this is a good way to accomplish said goal.

Better thread than what's your favorite "terd" huh. Terd would prob get more responses though. More terds.