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what's a good method for testing ie on a mac?
If you mean what's the best way of running Windows on a mac then I would suggest parallels.

There is no version of IE for the actual mac system (apart from IE5 mac which died ten years ago).

so if i have a div called abc, and i want to center it, do i need to set a width first and then use auto left and right margin?
and what would be the best width to set it to ?
Yes normal static elements need a width and auto margins to centre them. If you don't give the element a width then it becomes auto width which means it strecthes from left to right and is therefore centred anyway because there is nothing to centre. The width you apply depends on the width of the content you want to hold and how it fits with the layout so I can't give you a "one size fits all" answer.

If you want shrunk wrapped content to centre then you can without a width use the following techniques:

1) Make the element display:inline-block and then apply text-align:center on a parent. No width is required.

2) Make the element display:table and use auto margins. No width is required for table elements to center. (IE8+ only)

3) CSS3 flex box. Browser support is not good enough yet.

This one needs a width:
4) For absolute elements give them a width, auto margins and also left:0 and right:0 and they will center (IE8+ only)

so if i have a design that is approximately 724 px and i always want it to be centered and have space on both the left and right sides.
Yes just use auto margins with that width specified.

would i use any specific type of positioning scheme?
Not unless you want to remove elements form the flow.

Hey paul, i'm wondering how do you get the border radius rounded buttons to work in IE any version? 6-8 for example. it works in 9 right?
Don't bother IE8 will be gone in a year or two so don't waste effort on small embellishments like round corners. There are polyfills such as CSS3 PIE but I generally find they cause more problems than they fix.

Read the link below first: