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    Well the design is minimal and clean like all other search engines, but I think background color that is Ivory is not making a good impression here. So change it and I would like to see it as white.

    Go button should be on the right side as it is making confusion with Donate button. The results are very limited and font of the search results is not suiting at all, in addition your logo is also missing something or I can say that is is not striking at all.

    Hopefully these reviews will help you. Best of luck!

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    Sorry, but I can't see much of an improvement. The home page is very slightly more attractive, but virtually all of the earlier criticisms still apply.

    In addition, I see that you are displaying the titles of all the found pages entirely in lower case. This is sloppy. Plus, you are not displaying any useful snippet text, even for pages where there is a suitable meta description tag.

    You've obviously put a lot of work into this project, and I hate to be too negative in my criticism, but I feel you still have a long way to go.


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