I wonder who knows about Imagemagick on this forum?

I used to use Gimp and was happy with it but when I updated my PC I found a not to be missed deal on photoshop - not that I use it very much.

Gimp has a few I suppose problems is not the word for it but to work with RAW files you need to install UFRAW and to work with Liquid rescale you have to install something else.

What I like about photoshop is the brush to change exposure etc. which was not available on GIMP.

Out of interest I have Imagemagick installed on my windows PC and have an Icon/batch file I just drag and drop photos over to resize, add borders or whatever else I want to do with them.

I have stuck with Windows as I could never get the hand of Linux - I suppose I have been using windows so long I am used to it. I also came from the time that if you wanted to install a modem or something on Linux it took 2 or 3 hours!