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    Reasons to convince our IT and security people to let us install node.js?

    I would really like to have a play around with node.js, try some of the packages that I have heard much about in the past (e.g. grunt.js, yeoman) to see which ones can benefit my team in our everyday web development processes. Unfortunately, due to IT restrictions, I cannot install it and even if I could, the network access would block any kind of activity through the node package manager.

    So, I need to make a case for our people to unblock the necessary restrictions. Part of that will be down to me coming up with reassurances that we'll follow a policy that won't cause us problems (no idea what THAT might look like at the moment!), but the other part is coming up with some compelling reasons for installing it in the first place.

    While node and the various packages are free, there is a cost associated from a big business point of view in terms of the time that security and network people will need to spend on making configuration changes, doing risk assessment and so on. (People who work in small companies ... you have no idea how slow the cogs can turn at times!)

    I'd love to hear from anyone who has found that using node - and specifically the packages that you're running on it - has benefited the way you work. Anything that you can tell me about time-savings, efficiency or quality improvements would be really welcomed.

    In the meantime, I'm going to have a trawl around the web to find any case studies that may help strengthen the case.

    Any ideas or suggestions welcomed

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    Are you asking to install nodejs on a server or on a VM somewhere? The Director of IT in me says "If you want to play around with technology X, why can't you do it locally on a virtual machine?"

    If you want it cloud facing why not just let people loose on azure / amazon micro instances -- no costs there, and it gets it off the IT guys back to some extent.


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