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    Hi there! You have a nice website. First of all, let me say that the topic of the website is very interesting and the articles are well written, informative and easy to understand. Also, the search form seems to work very well and provides relevant results, styled in an elegant fashion.
    Here are my suggestions to further improve the website:
    - to make your articles sound more authoritative, you might want to provide references (possibly several of them) to scientific articles that deal with the same topic. Ideally, you might want to add a References section at the end of each page.
    - the header does not look very nice. I would make it simpler, using fewer and brighter colors and a simple logo. Compared to the rest of the page, wich is neat and simple, it feels a bit out of place as it is.
    - the Play font that you use for the "Tags" and "Popular posts titles" at the end of each page is broken on my screen. Capital S and Capital C have a strange dot over them.
    - why do you have Share buttons in two different places? that's redundant and it looks spammy. If users are so fond of your website that they want to share it with others, they will have no problem finding the share buttons even if you place them only in the footer.
    - if I click on Sitemap, I end up on an xml sitemap. That's not the way to go. Keep an xml sitemap for robots and search engines, but from your pages please provide a link to a human readable sitemap

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    That was health niche, right. The blue color isn't nice, Just my opinion.

    Good Luck!


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