Hi guys, I'm coming to the close of my second month for my website http://www.isochronicbeats.net

I've created websites before, but this is the first one I've really done the work and tried to monetize it. I didn't really have too much of a clue what I was doing when I started out, so I had to redesign the site twice after I learned a few things, and now I think I've finally started to get the ball rolling.

I'd like critiques of everything you can think of. Design. Content. Ideally, I want to get people's attention with the information I provide, making affiliate sales isn't as important as engaging with people. I've still got a lot to learn about pretty much everything, so don't be afraid to rip me a new one.

Thanks for taking your time guys. I've learned a lot here just by looking at some of the stuff you've created.