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    W3 Total cache or WP Minify plugin is not combining external CSS and JS


    I have run a website speed test with the tool

    No matter what settings i try in W3 Total Cache or the WP Minify plugin i can not combine External CSS
    or external Javascript.

    I use the W3 Total Cache plugin and also the WP Minify plugin.

    I have tried to disable the Minfy settings in W3 Total cache when using the WP Minify plugin. I have also tried to enable the Minify
    settings in W3 Total Cache and disable the WP Minify plugin.

    Currently i have the following settings in "Minify" section of W3 Total cache:

    JS - JS minify settings ENABLED

    Operations in areas: Minify Embed type: Non-blocking using JS



    CSS minify settings Enabled


    Can anyone help me understand why W3 Total Cache is not combining my external Javascript and CSS?

    Is there any setting i need to change in W3 plugin or WP Minify?

    My website is

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    I don't use W3TC as I had the same issue. I could not find a solution, it ended up screwing my websites. In the end I stopped using it completely unfortunately. Minify kept breaking my website.
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