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    Welcome to Sitepoint Forums! Introduce yourself!

    Welcome to Sitepoint Forums!

    It is great to have you here and I’m so glad that you decided to join! I do hope that you find everything that you’re looking and that you have a great time learning and hanging around with us. I certainly look forward to it!

    We do want to know a bit about yourself and your interests and… well, whatever you want to tell us, really!

    To make it easier for you to create the perfect intro thread, I wrote an example:
    Name/alias: molona

    Birth Date: How dare you ask! You don’t ask such a thing to a woman

    Location :
    Madrid (Spain)

    IT technician, teacher and web developer

    Reading, going to the cinema, flying, skating, learning new stuff and, of course, hanging out around Sitepoint Forums!

    Home page link: (never finished and always changing, I’m afraid) (ah! do not get used to this! We normally do not link to our sites and moderators will remove the links that do not comply with our rules. For this time only, it's OK)

    More about me:

    I have plenty of interests and list them here would be crazy. I love animals and nature but I’m kind of a city girl. Currently, I’m working hard on avoiding procrastination. I tend to do that a bit too much for my own good!
    See? That was easy!

    I do remind you that for the sake of our own peace of mind and to enjoy a harmonious cooperation and creative environment, we do have some faqs and rules that you will have to follow and that you may want to read at some point.
    As an exception to those rules, if you make a bit of work of your introduction, we even allow you to post a link to your homepage in your introduction! The decision if an introduction deserves a link is at the discretion of the forum staff, but if you follow this example you should be good to go.

    Now, start your own thread and enjoy the forums!
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