I'm creating a website for a business right now and everything is good except when I used the navigation menu in IE. When you scroll over a link it changes the background color and the text to alternating colors, but in IE everything sticks and the buttons stay in the active position, any ideas?

HTML5 code

HTML Code:
				<li class="active"><a href="index.html">Home</a></li>
				<li><a href="corporate.html">Corporate Info</a></li>
				<li><a href="employment.html">Employment</a></li>
				<li><a href="#">
				<li><a href="#">Forums</a></li>
The only difference is the active class changes depending on the page you click, when on corporate.html page that link is the active class.

CSS3 code

.main-header nav {
	background-color: #DCDCDC;
	height: 40px;

.main-header nav ul{
	list-style: none;
	margin: 0 auto;

.main-header nav ul li {
	float: left;
	display: inline;

.main-header nav a:link, .main-header nav a:visited {
	color: #023878;
	display: inline-block;
	padding: 10px 25px;
	height: 20px;

.main-header nav a:hover, .main-header nav a:active,
.main-header nav .active a:link, .main-header a:visited {
	background-color: #B6C2C7;
	color: #023878;
	text-shadow: none;

.main-header nav ul li a {
	border-radius: 5px;