This is a weekly update of some interesting things relating to JavaScript, to help encourage discussion and to bring some potentially new ideas to the fore.

Here's what we've seen of interest this week.


Making a Simple Game in JavaScript Step-By-Step - a video talk that takes you through the basics of creating a game

Searching using Array.prototype.reduce - with last weeks JavaScript under pressure, this reduce function became quite handy


Lightweight URL argument and parameter parser - retrieve querystring and hash tag information with ease

FullCalendar - an open source event calendar from MIT with drag & drop, and is compatible with google calendar


Currying in Javascript - do you need to handle functions that can be only partially evaluated?

Maintainable Automated UI Tests - removing brittleness from difficult to maintain UI tests

Frameworks - definitive source of the best JavaScript frameworks, plugins, and tools

Getting MEAN - A boilerplate Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node stack for appllication development

The lighter side

Full Screen Mario

Take a look at these recent happenings in JavaScript, let us know what you think about them, and we'll have some more to inspire you next week.

Feel free to PM me or PM Pullo if you have anything interesting for the next issue.