Here are some nice links that we stumbled across this week:


Kerry Butters posted an interesting article on CSS Regions this week—a pretty cool new tool in the CSS kit. There's another recent article on the topic at Web Designer Depot.

An interesting alternative to CSS resets is on the way, in the form of ‘all: unset’

Here's an interesting look at Repeating patterns in CSS with :nth-child and :nth-of-type,


Lea Verou demonstrates how to create trapezoids with 3D transforms.

Chris Coyier's animated CodePen demo of how to make a triangle in CSS.

This is rather cool: Build a circular navigation bar with CSS3.

A simple way to learn some CSS Selectors.


Craig Buckler talks about what's new in Chrome, including the ability to edit and save your CSS files through the browser itself. How much longer will we be using code editors when we can now edit CSS, HTML and JS right in the browser?

.selfCSS{} is a cool, online WYSIWYG CSS editor. It works on desktop and tablets, so might be a fun way to experiment with CSS and get more of an idea of how it works. is a collection of tools for testing CSS changes across your projects. The site has links to some interesting tools, and is looking for people to help with the project.

And now for something truly Absurd. How would you like to write your CSS with JavaScript? If that sounds totally absurd, you'd be right. Check out Absurd.js, another CSS preprocessor to rival SASS and LESS.

Flying Focus is a JS file, but it's pretty interesting from a CSS perspective, too. Watch the focus on elements fly around as you tab around the page.

Patternizer is a rather cool tool for creating CSS3 patterns.

This week's feature: PODCASTS

There are lots of really interesting podcasts out there that focus on the web industry. Here is a selection of them that are worth checking out, particularly if you are interested in front end web design (those with * include transcripts):

ShopTalk Show, with Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert
The Web Ahead, with Jenn Simmons (which includes The Web Behind, with Eric Meyer—looking back at the history of the web)
The Big Web Show, with Jeffrey Zeldman
Boagword Podcast*, with Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington
Unfinished Business, with Andy Clarke and Anna Debenham
Fripfrap, with Divya Manian and Garann Means
The Gently Mad, with Adam Clark.
The Non-Breaking Space Show, with Christopher Schmitt, Dave McFardland, Chris Enns.
The Breaking Development Podcast, with Jim King.
JavaScript Jabber*, with Charles Max Wood.
99% Invisible, with Roman Mars and Sam Greenspan.
BizCraft, with Carl Smith and Gene Crawford.
The East Wing, with Tim Smith.
The PageBreak podcast, with Niki Brown and Liz Andrade.
The Industry, with Adam Stacoviak, Drew Wilson, and Jared Erondu.
This Developer's Life, by Rob Conery and Scott Hanselman.
The UX Mastery Podcast*, with Luke Chambers and Matthew Magain.

There are lots more podcasts out there. If you have one to add to the list, let us know in the comments. If you have a favorite, tell us about it!

Tips of the Week

And lastly, some lighthearted tips for the week, courtesy of @H9RBSjs ...

Always test your web app with CSS disabled to see what zero percent of your audience sees.
CSS3 Border Images: The only CSS feature that will reach "Proposed Recommendation" status before anyone uses it in a real project.
If you tell me that your CSS grid framework is "responsive out of the box", then I'm just going to wonder why your framework is in a box.

Take a look at any or all of the links above and tell us what you think! And feel free to PM me if you have an great links for the next issue.

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