Hi All

I have a dilemma regarding the best way of doing this. I am sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but I really cant think of the best place for it as the technology used is PHP Mysql JQuery Bootstrap Js etc.

I have a page which i really need to fire a routine for each saved input area. There is a process of which there are approx 15 individual fields. When the date is changed I need to fire off a php script that changes the date in the table (mysql) and sets (depending on the field chosen) an alert for a predetermined time scale. the choices are submit the form

I would like to have an individual save button on each field but the ids cant be individual as the form iterates for more than one individual on the same parent record.

does anyone have even an idea on where to start here? is it better with a jQuery ajax call, or submit the form and use pure PHP to server side process it. i just can t see the wood for the trees at the minute..

thx in advance